Dongdan Sports Center-Grassroots Paradise, Cradle of Stars

Dongdan Sports Center | Grassroots Paradise, Cradle of Stars
On March 8, 2011, the exterior of Beijing Dongdan Sports Center.Picture / Vision China Dongdan Sports Center is located at the intersection of East Chang’an Street and Chongwenmen Nei Street. Over the years, it has been regarded as a “holy place” by sports fans in Beijing.In the early years, the name here was “Dongdan Earth”, a large open space in the city, and many sports enthusiasts spontaneously exercised here.In 1957, taking into account the fitness needs of the masses, the Beijing Municipal Sports Commission built the “Dongdan Stadium” here.After the reconstruction project was completed in 1996, it was officially renamed “Dongdan Sports Center” with a total area of 23,000 square meters and a construction area of 47,000 square meters. It is the largest sports center in Beijing with the largest number of events and the most complete functions.This is a base for mass fitness and a cradle for training sports stars. Jin Zhiyang, Shi Wanchun, Sun Hongnian, Liang Zhensheng and others all moved from here to professional stadiums.Today’s Dongdan Sports Center is still full of vitality and provides excellent services for the mass fitness in Beijing.From “Dongdan Dadi” to crowd fitness paradise, there is a “holy land”-Dongdan Dadi in the hearts of old Beijing sports enthusiasts.”Earth” means “large open space”.In the early years, “Dongdan Dadi” was a well-known flea market in Beijing, without any sports facilities.But even in the age of war, the Beijingers’ enthusiasm for physical exercise has not diminished: two bricks can be used as the goal, and the random ball can also be played.After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, football fans of “Dongdan Earth” spontaneously organized several branch teams. Jin Zhiyang, Shi Wanchun, Sun Hongnian, Liang Zhensheng and others all went professional from here.In 1957, taking into account the demand for sports by the masses, the Beijing Municipal Sports Commission planned to build a “Dongdan Stadium” here, including a non-standard football field and three basketball courts. Every day, there are dedicated people sprinkling water on the yellow soil to avoid dust.The following year, the Dongcheng District Acute Sports School was established, using Dongdan Stadium as a training base.It is still open to the public during non-training hours, and the scene is very lively.In the next 20 years, Dongdan Stadium has been rebuilt twice, new venues such as volleyball, athletics and tennis have been built, and a comprehensive stadium building has been built with swimming, basketball, volleyball, martial arts, bowling, tennis, table tennis and billiards.8 gyms.After the reconstruction project was completed in 1996, Dongdan Stadium was officially renamed as “Dongdan Sports Center”. There are 2 indoor comprehensive halls for basketball, badminton and volleyball, 2 tennis halls, 1 table tennis and 1 billiard hall, and standard swimming1 hall, 1 rural football court, 3 skyscraper basketball courts, 3 half court basketball courts, 4 non-standard court basketball courts, with a total area of 23,000 square meters and a construction area of 47,000 square meters, which is the center of BeijingThe largest sports event center with the most events and the most complete functions.In Meng Jie’s eyes, Dongdan Sports Center is like his second home.He trained in Dongdan Stadium from an early age. After graduating from college, he became the coach of Dongcheng Amateur Sports School and then transferred to the management position of Dongdan Sports Center.”I came back from college in 1982 and retired this Spring Festival.看着东单体育场建成东单体育中心,场地、设施一步步升级改造;看着来锻炼的人每天络绎不绝,有‘小不点’慢慢长到比我都高的大小伙子,再带着他们的孩子Come.”In the 37 years of serving the Dongdan Sports Center, Meng Jie felt that it is the greatest meaning of work for everyone who exercises to reap health, safety and happiness.Before the 1980s, Dongdan Stadium was still a cinder track. As a middle- and long-distance runner, Meng Jie ran every day on a hard and uneven ground.”If you break the skin wound and do not treat it in time, it will turn black after healing.”Football and basketball courts are all yellow soil. In order to alleviate the dusty run, the coach should bring the players to the ground before training.The older generation of “national” Li Hui, Shang Ruihua, and basketball star Zhang Weiping are all members of the “big army”.In 1996, when the “Dongdan Sports Center Era” began, Meng Jie then took up management positions and rushed to various venues every day.The Dongdan Sports Center is open to the public for 365 days, and he is almost always open. He has retired for nearly half a year and still returns frequently to guide the work of the younger generation.Once there was a problem with the submersible pump in the sewage well of the swimming pool. Meng Jie discovered and organized the treatment for the first time. With decades of responsibility and safety awareness, he eliminated a potential crisis for the entire stadium.Street basketball events are held at Dongdan Sports Center.Photo / Visual China From “Dongdan United” to “Sunset Dongdan” If Dongdan Stadium is a distribution center for folk sports talents, well-known sports reporter Sun Baosheng is the well-deserved first generation.In today’s Beijing basketball circle, Sun Baosheng is still a highly respected predecessor, and many famous people have to call him “Uncle Sun”.At the beginning of its construction, Dongdan Stadium became a meeting point for basketball in Beijing: the empty yellow earth plus several basketball racks. There is no distinction between workers, cadres, teachers, students. After the training at the sports school, everyone put the documents togetherA venue shows its skills.Later, with more and more people, everyone agreed to “play 5 balls” and the losers would end.Sun Baosheng played in Dongdan since he was a student in the 1960s.He and his teammates spontaneously formed their own team-“East Single Team”.”We are training here and running in tactics.Then I felt like I had practiced almost, so I looked for matches everywhere.”Dongdan United team members bought uniform basketball shirts from their own pockets, made their own numbers and then found tailors to sew them, which became an exclusive custom team uniform.When it comes to the game, you need to go to the opponent ‘s “home”, which is basically a bicycle.Physical strength, get to the point and then play the game.”Now it sounds crazy, but the young people of the” Dongdan United “were never tired.”Dongdan United” existed for more than three years, and then entered the Chaoyang District Sports School, and basically left Dongdan’s loess field.The first generation of Dongdan basketball stars are getting older, but they leave their feelings for basketball there.”The present Dongdan, just like we did then, is still that free field.”Sun Baosheng sighed.The yellow earth is upgraded to a standard basketball court, and the leather basketball shoes blessed with technological elements such as air cushions and shock absorption are also far from the cloth shoes of the year, and the rubber shoes are comparable.Under Dongdan’s basket, what remains unchanged is a young, energetic face, dribbling, taking off, and taking the sky as the upper limit.Since 2012, from May to July each year, every Sunday from 6 to 9 pm, Dongdan Sports Center has become a “holy land” for street basketball enthusiasts.There are hardly any restrictions on the rules or tactical guidance of the coach. Everything is for the return of basketball to freedom. The “Dongdan Southfield”, which is free and open, is open to everyone who has a love.After 7 years of development, the “Sunset Dongdan” street basketball night game has become a nationally renowned and even overseas basketball game.At the beginning of the event, there were very few participants; starting from 2017, almost every game day must be controlled to no more than 1,000 people, and sometimes there can only be more than one or two hundred fans on the field.The brand of Dongdan Sports Center this time witnessed the enthusiasm of sports enthusiasts in Beijing and national basketball enthusiasts.”I haven’t been to ‘Sunset Dongdan’, I am embarrassed to say that I play basketball.”It has always been popular among basketball boys in Beijing.When Zhang Ziyi was in high school, Dongdan outfield was where the boys gathered.The long distance and many homework can’t stop them from squeezing the subway from Zhongguancun to Dongdan to have a fun.Zhang Ziyi joined in the first year of “Sunset Dongdan”, “The university started playing CUBA, the coach did not allow leave, the chance to play out was less, and occasionally took part in the summer vacation.”In May 2004, Dongdan Sports Center waited for fans to meet Jordan.Photo / Osports from China’s “Rock Park” to Beijing “Dyckman” In 2017, Zhang Ziyi completed the last season of his personal CUBA at North China Electric Power University. His personal average is ranked second in the Northeast Division and the first in efficiency.This year’s CBA Draft Training Camp was established for the first time in 1V1 time, and the first “heads-up” trophy was included in Zhang Ziyi.Although he could not be imitated by a professional club, at 25, he did not give up the opportunity to pursue his dream.In order to enter the professional team, Zhang Ziyi expanded his long and rigorous training, and he occasionally missed the free air of “Sunset East Single”.”There is no 5 to 5 tactical literacy, everyone is free to show their skills on the field.‘Sunset Dongdan’ has no cloud, as long as you dare to be able to play, the people who play are happy, the audience is also happy, everyone is enjoying this process.”Children who play in Dongdan insist that this is the birthplace of domestic street basketball.Despite its lack of accuracy, it could not find a reason to refute.Wu You, the leader of Chinese streetball, and his team CL played a famous role in “Sunset Dongdan”, making Dongdan Sports Center a “sacred place” for grassroots basketball and was dubbed “China’s Rock Park”.Rock Park in New York is a world-famous basketball court, where there are hidden dragons and tigers, and there are many people who later enter the NBA; professional players who have played with “grass roots” there are not necessarily cheap.Just as Wu You grew up freely and eventually became a star, it was precisely because of Dongdan, a fertile ground for mass sports.In 2017, the founder of Rock Park Greg Marius passed away, the stadium gradually deserted, and the Dickman Stadium, also in New York, became a new force in American streetball.Last year, Wu You and Yan Shuai, Zhang Ziyi and the current Guangdong men’s basketball insider Wan Shengwei, this year’s CBA “Zhuangyuanxiu” Wang Shaojie formed Dongdan Elite United to participate in the Deckman League China Night, and lost the game without suspense, butThe Dykman, who had always been above the eye, gave applause and cheers to these young men who came out of Dongdan.In the words of Zhang Ziyi, “We have proved the strength of Chinese streetball.”Zhang Weiping, who has become a national basketball player from Dongdan, outlines the basketball pattern of Dongdan Sports Center-a long history and an excellent participant base.The popularity of basketball here continues unabated. “Sunset Dongdan” has become a well-known IP in the country. Even foreign basketball enthusiasts have come here. The basketball “sacred place” belonging to China is being formed, which is the same as the Dickman Stadium in New York., Maybe in the near future.Dongdan Sports Center has become a good place for national fitness.Photo / Visual China From providing a high-quality environment to saving lives by AED, “An uncle has retired and took his grandson out of school before sending it here to practice basketball. When he was a grandson, he went for a swim.”In the eyes of Dongdan Sports Center, the whole family and even three generations of grandchildren come to exercise, which is the happiest scene.Dongdan Sports Center has grown from scratch, and now it has become the most representative national fitness center in Beijing. In addition to the few and habits, the people-friendly route is also an important reason.In the 1960s and 1970s, when Dongdan Stadium also undertook the training task of Dongcheng District Temporary Sports School, it was open to the public free of charge, non-training scheduling, as long as you put on a valid certificate, you can enter to exercise.In 1996, the name was changed to “Dongdan Sports Center”. In the first 3 years, it only cost 5 dimes to play an hour on the board basketball court, and then gradually increased to 1 yuan, 5 yuan, 10 yuan per hour, and the current 20 yuan is not limited.It has been implemented since 2013; it is also a telescope football field with an unlimited time of 20 yuan, only two gains have been raised in 23 years, and in 1996, a 10 yuan / hour grass football field has not been implanted with artificial turf, and there is still a circle outside.300 meters in the air.Nippon walked out of the office building and arrived at Dongdan when the lantern was at the beginning.After the office worker finishes work, he goes to Dongdan to play a game or play basketball. The parking fee is more expensive than the venue fee.In 2011, the Dongdan Sports Center responded to the call to launch a “Happy Weekend” national fitness series of activities. Every Sunday, the stadium was opened to the public free of charge. The project was based on football, basketball and table tennis, and later added swimming and badminton.With the support of the policy of Dongcheng District Sports Bureau and the funding of China Sports Lottery, Dongdan Sports Center itself has overcome many pressures such as operation and safety, adhering to the concept of letting people actually enjoy the dividends of sports reform policies and providing the best quality for sports enthusiasts.Sports environment.Today, Dongdan Sports Center has a total area of 23,000 square meters and a construction area of 47,000 square meters. It is the largest sports center in Beijing with the largest number of activities and the most complete functions.In March this year, the indoor basketball hall of Dongdan Sports Center.A man’s heart stopped when he was playing. Six doctors from the Union Hospital who were playing badminton next door successfully rescued him. The news was once on the hot search.What most people do n’t know is that the AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) equipped in Dongdan Sports Center played a key role in winning this battle with the “Death”.A small instrument that was shelved in the corner of the stadium on weekdays can come in handy when an accident comes.This time, there were shocks and dangers spreading across the Internet. Some netizens lamented the men fortunately, and some praised the sense of responsibility of medical workers. Some people noticed that doctors are taking the time to exercise, and modern people have indeed carried forward their own health.The staff of Dongdan Sports Center is also very clear that some fitness groups do not understand their own health status and physical fitness, and accidents such as injuries and illnesses may occur at any time.Therefore, the work performance ensured by AED, regular first-aid training for employees is as important as the maintenance of every screw of the basketball hoop.It is the responsibility of Dongdan Sports Center to make everyone who stepped into the venue safe; seeing everyone who left the venue doing their best is the greatest achievement of their work.After this case of successfully protecting the life safety of fitness enthusiasts, AED equipment has also been deployed in major venues in Beijing.Sauna, Ye Wang Liu Chen editor Wang Xihuang Overview of the venue ● Construction year: It was built in 1957 and rebuilt in 1996, and it is also called Dongdan Sports Center.● Site size: covers an area of 23,000 square meters and a construction area of 47,000 square meters.● Geographic location: the southwest corner of the intersection of East Chang’an Street and Chongwenmen Nei Street.● Historical level: Beijing Center is the largest sports center with the most events and the most complete functions.Memorabilia ● In May 2004, “Flying Man” Jordan originally planned to go to the Dongdan Sports Center to meet Chinese fans. Due to the excessive number of fans coming to the news, the event was cancelled due to safety concerns.● In August 2009, NBA star Steve Nash “raided” the Dongdan Sports Center during a trip to China. A basketball court where windshields and headscarves appeared appeared to interact with fans.● In 2012, the “Sunset Dongdan” street basketball night game was established.From May to July every year, every Sunday from 6 pm to 9 pm, the Dongdan Sports Center telescope basketball court south court is free of charge.

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