1917 British Film Academy Awards win 7 prizes, Oscar

“1917” British Film Academy Awards win 7 prizes, Oscar
Sauna Night News February 3, the 73rd British Film Academy Awards announced the winners.”1917″ won 7 awards including best film, best director, best photography, and continued to point to Oscar.The four major performance award winners are still hot: Jacques Phoenix (“Clown”), Renee Zweig (“Judy”), Brad Pitt (“Hollywood”), Laura Dunn(“Marriage Story”).”The Joker” won the best original soundtrack and supplemented the best “best casting”, “Parasite” won the best original script and best non-English film, and “Jojo’s Whimsical World” won the best adapted script.In the announcement list announced by the United Nations at the 92nd Academy Awards, “1917” won 10 nominations for best film and best director.The full list of winners is as follows: Best Film: Best Director in “1917”: Best Actor in Sam Mendes “1917”: Best Actress in Jacques Phoenix “Clown”: Renee Zweig “JuBest Supporting Actor in Dee: Brad Pitt Best Supporting Actress in “Hollywood”: Best Original Script in “Marriage Story”: Best Adapted Script in “Parasites”: “Jojo’s Whimsical”Best British Film in the World: Best Original Soundtrack for “1917”: Best Photography for “Clown”: Best Editing for “1917”: Best Art Direction for “Speed King”: Best Costume Design for “1917”: “Little Woman”Best Makeup and Hairstyle of People: Best Sound Effect of “Breaking News”: Best Visual Effect of “1917”: Best Casting of “1917”: Best Documentary of “Clown”: Best Viewing Angle of “For Sama”: “克劳斯:圣诞节的秘密》最佳非英语片:《寄生虫》最佳英国短片:《在战区里学习滑板(如果你是女孩的话)》最佳英国动画短片:《爷爷是 浪漫史》Best British debut (screenwriter / director / producer): “Bait” Rising Star Award: Michael Ward Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin Proofreading Li Lijun

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